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Cost Effective Divorce or Dissolution


Save time, energy, and money when you use our Ohio Divorce Forms package. Typically, your cost is barely one-tenth of what you'd normally pay an attorney to do the work for you. 

Ohio Divorce Forms has created a simple package for those wishing to obtain a dissolution of marriage or a divorce without the steep expense of paying a lawyer. Our  packages are ideal when two parties have already come to an agreement regarding the termination of their marriage, property issues, and if applicable, children. The Ohio Divorce Forms package is also available in situations where one spouse lives outside of Ohio or prefers not to appear in court. This package is especially ideal for those in the military.

The official divorce forms are completely filled out by us. All you have to do is sign them and file them in your county court. We also will provide you with the local forms that your particular courts may require.

Unlike other online divorce websites we guarantee that our forms will be accepted by the court.

We do all the paperwork. That's right: All paperwork is performed by one of Ohio's top divorce attorneys, Dennis P. Levin.

Packages start at just $150 if there are no minor children and as low as $175 when minor children are involved. Those figures are roughly 10 percent of what you would pay any other attorney in the state.

Our dissolution or uncontested divorce kits provide you with:

  • The properly completed forms filled out with the information you provide us
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the forms to file your own dissolution or uncontested divorce and follow the process all the way through the final hearing
  • Savings of many hundreds of dollars


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