A Divorce kit is a kit of legal forms and information about how to file for divorce in your state. A divorce kit is also known as a “kitchen sink” approach to a divorce, as it covers everything that you need for a divorce including legal forms, witness depositions, temporary restraining orders (TROs) and final orders. This New York and Ohio Divorce kit is the ONLY “Full Service” do it yourself Divorce kit being sold throughout the entire State of New York and Ohio, and is available online or at local Divorce Resource Centers. Divorce kits include all of the information that you need to legally file for divorce in your state.

The Divorce kit comes with all of the necessary paperwork needed to get a divorce initiated in New York and Ohio, including forms for the County Probate Clerk and the Family Court. It also contains information on how to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), how to prepare for a pre-nuptial interview and the rights of a non-spouse witness. There are also sample documents included in the kit that will help you obtain a TRO on your own if you need one. These sample papers include how to fill out the application, how to sign, and what type of document to send to the Family Court and the Probate Clerk. Other sample documents included with the Divorce kit contain what the judge requires from you when he or she issues a TRO or a temporary restraining order (TRO) based on the information contained within the Divorce kit.

Divorced people can use this kit as a template to write the paperwork for their own divorce. They can also find other resources on the internet to assist them in the preparation of the Divorce kit. Divorce kits are available in all sizes. For example, you can buy the Divorce kit that contains a complete set of sample papers that can help you obtain a TRO or an interim restraining order. If you want to go ahead and buy a Divorce kit, but are unsure of where to purchase from, then you can easily visit a Divorce Resource Center for guidance.

Each county may have some local forms that might need to be filed and you may need to pick up the local forms from your local court and they will help you complete these forms.