Divorce Settlement Agreement in New York and Ohio

  • Have you already agreed on dissolution or divorce and just need the paperwork?
  • Currently in the military?
  • Need a dissolution or divorce but without the expense?
  • Prefer not to appear in court?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then our document is just what you need!

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We guarantee that our document will be accepted by your Court!

Our document are for those wishing to terminate their marriage without all of the expenses. Our document are ideal in situations where:

  • one spouse lives out of state or prefers not to appear in court
  • the two of you have already come to an agreement regarding the termination of your marriage and property
  • one or both of you are in the military

Do not get fooled by websites that claim to sell document every state. The states has very specific language requirements and the generic document these other sites sell will not usually be accepted by Ohio and New York courts.