Divorce doesn’t have to be a quest.  Though you and your spouse have opted to break your wedlock, you have a choice about how you wish to proceed through the process.  One option, of course, would be to engage in all-out warfare.  That’s time-consuming and costly and takes an emotional burden also.  Fortunately, there are other options.

  • Divorce mediation
  • collaborative divorce
  • arbitration or private judging 

are all ways in which you could remain out of court.  With mediation and collaboration, you’ll work together with your partner to come to an arrangement that works for the two of you and for your kids, if you’ve got them.  

In a collaborative process, you and your spouse both have lawyers, but you all agree to not go to court but instead to work toward a settlement in a run of meetings.  If you are not able to reach an agreement by yourself, you can use arbitration or personal judging i.e. to employ a private lawyer or judge to listen to you both and make decisions for you.

A divorce mediator is a specialist you hire to sit down with both of you and help you craft an arrangement that determines all the issues in your divorce — material possessions, child support, and custody and visiting. 

Every one of these plots keep your divorce private, and all of them enable you to finish the divorce considerably faster than you would if you asked a court to make resolutions for you after a trial.  Mediation and cooperation also have the advantage of being much less high-priced than going to court, and each one these alternatives shield your privacy.

As an extra benefit of mediation or cooperation, you are very likely to come out with an agreement you can live with, also, if you have kids, you will have built the foundation for a productive ongoing relationship with their other parent.