Shared Parenting


Do you need a shared parenting plan? At the Cleveland Law Office of Dennis P. Levin we work with clients seeking joint custody to determine the financial, educational, medical and faith-based responsibilities that will affect their children.

Your peace of mind is important to us. We're proud of having helped so many clients and children over our almost 30 years of service.

Shared Parenting and Joint Custody

Joint custody has been replaced in the Ohio Revised Code with the term "shared parenting." Parents awarded shared parenting duties enjoy equal legal rights in dealing with their children and, unless their shared parenting plan provides otherwise, equal decision-making authority as to vital areas of a child's development.

One parent becomes the sole residential parent and legal custodian, the other a "shared parent." The former has sole decision-making authority and the latter shares that authority. Shared parenting may be requested by either party or may be requested jointly.

Dissolution Kits and Uncontested Divorce Kits

Shared parenting is a feature included in the innovative, inexpensive dissolution kit that the Law Office of Dennis P. Levin has developed. Depending on which kit you order, you will receive either a "petition for dissolution" or "complaint for divorce." With either kit, you'll get a completely filled out separation agreement based upon the information you provide to us. If you have children, you will also receive a completed "child support guideline worksheet" and the required "child custody affidavit."

If you do not order a shared parenting package, the parental rights and responsibilities provisions for custody, support and visitation will be contained in the separation agreement. If you do order a shared parenting package, the kit will include a complete shared parenting plan. Both the "sole custody" and the "shared parenting" kits come with several proposed visitation schedules you can choose from, or which you can use to create a visitation schedule that meets your individual needs.

Contact our experienced Ohio divorce today if we can be of service. We've helped countless couples in our almost three decades of family law practice.

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