Uncontested Divorce Kits


Our uncontested divorce kit is perfect for situations when two parties have already come to an agreement regarding the dissolution of marriage and their property. Likewise, it is an ideal solution when one spouse lives outside of Ohio, such as military families or other situations when one spouse refuses to return to appear in court to file divorce papers.

Our kit for your uncontested divorce saves time, stress and, perhaps most importantly, money. You'll pay approximately 10 percent of what it would normally cost you to enlist the expensive services of the typical Ohio divorce lawyer. It’s a way for you to obtain a cost effective divorce.

The way our uncontested divorce kit works is almost identical to the marriage dissolution procedure. The parties enter into an agreement resolving all relevant issues: division of property, marital debt, parental rights and responsibilities, and others. Because only one of the parties lives in Ohio, that party files a "complaint for divorce" with the court, requesting that the agreement be reviewed and approved and appropriate "grounds" found for the granting of the divorce.

The party who lives outside of Ohio files a document with the court agreeing to the procedure. Just as in the dissolution procedure, all of the issues must be resolved for the procedure to be used.

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